Testimonials - Bennett

“Paradigm was able to come in and work with us to clean up the mess that was left by the other contractor. This was no easy feat, as there were a lot of items that needed to be reworked and re-engineered. Alex and Felipe were quick to help us out. They were both quick to answer questions, make recommendations that would fix the problems, and even discovered some issues that I wasn’t aware of. Since that time, I’ve used Paradigm exclusively for all of our HVAC troubleshooting and repairs. I can always count on the team at Paradigm to respond quickly and take care of the problem on the first call. This has reduced downtime of equipment and made my work that much easier, because I don’t have to worry if the job will be done right. Thank you to the entire team at Paradigm!”

–Jim Bennett, Director of Engineering, W San Diego

Testimonial - Becconsall

“Paradigm Mechanical Corporation is one of the most-organized contractors I’ve worked with in more than 25 years. Our project required numerous shutdowns of critical utilities. Paradigm was able to plan construction sequencing so that the shutdowns were reduced, and their duration minimized. My plant operations managers and I have always found it to be a great experience working with Paradigm. They are fair, honest, organized, and extremely well-managed. I would recommend them for any project without reservation.”

–Paul D. Becconsall, Facilities Director, UHS

Testimonials - Simmons

“Paradigm Mechanical offered competitive pricing for all the projects and completed the jobs prior to the deadline and on-budget. This company is highly qualified, professional, conscientious, responsive, and committed to providing a level of quality and services that is above and beyond industry standards. I cannot begin to express how happy we are with their service and attention to detail.”

–Sandra L. Simmons, Executive Director, Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation

Testimonials 3 - Pietrzak

“This particular JOC project involved the demolition of a 2000-gallon hot water storage tank, removal of two roof-top boilers, and rework of the associated piping and electrical systems. Paradigm showed professionalism and attention to detail, and they employed an experienced, well-rounded construction crew. They managed the project effectively and they performed high-end, Journey-level field work that resulted in a successful design-build JOC project for the County of San Diego.”

–Michael Pietrzak, Project Manager, County of San Diego

Testimonial 2 - Deleon

“It is my distinct pleasure to highly recommend Paradigm Mechanical Corporation as a professional, competent, and qualified General and Mechanical Contractor. Having completed several projects with Paradigm through my role as Construction Manager and Engineering Technician at NAVFAC Southwest Coronado FEAD, I can say that all operations have been conducted to the highest standard in regard to both safety and quality control, and all in accordance with NAVFAC and USACE requirements.”

–Edgar Deleon, President, FedVet Construction

Testimonial - Wells

“Great-looking install at the South Bay Regional Center in San Diego. Paradigm Mechanical perfectly laid out and piped these two Lochinvar Power Fin 5000’s with a 750-gallon buffer tank and all the pumps and trim. Great job, Max, Josh, and the rest of the crew!”

–Joseph Wells, Dawson Co. (South Bay Regional Center Boiler Replacement)