Santana Mini Event Center & PE Building

  • Categories: Education, New Construction

  • Client: Balfour Beatty Construction

  • Year Completed: 2019

  • Budget: $950,000

  • Overview: Located in Santee, Santana High School is undergoing a major site improvement funded through proposition U. This upgrade includes the demolition of the existing physical education building, and the construction of a new, 21,200 sq.ft. event center and physical education building, complete with an auditorium, and fully-functional wrestling room. Utilizing the latest in construction techniques, this project is marrying 3D computerized drawings, and on-the-ground construction through the use Building Information Modeling (BIM) which greatly increases construction efficiency, and provides an elevated level of lasting building value and operational efficiency. Paradigm Mechanical is proud to be supplying and installing over 100 tons of both hydronic and direct expansion equipment, along with the mechanical BIM model and associated information, in support of this project. It is said that the children are the future, and our team is committed to providing a quality environment to foster the health and growth of our communities next leaders.